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Terms of Use

As a precondition for creating and utilizing an account on farmnivorous, all Users must agree to the terms of this agreement. All Users also commit to truthfully and promptly notifying farmnivorous of any concerns for misconduct asap by emailing those concerns to

farmnivorous is a trademark that is owned by Swimming Bear, Inc. For the purpose of this agreement, “farmnivorous” represents Swimming Bear, Inc. and “User” and “Users” represent any person or entity who makes use of Services offered by Swimming Bear, Inc., including the farmnivorous application.

farmnivorous Services

farmnivorous does not grow, make, or sell products. farmnivorous is a technology service provider. To businesses that grow, make, or resell products and services, i.e. Vendors, farmnivorous provides the Service of permitting them to list their products and services for sale and to accept orders to purchase those products and services. To all Users, farmnivorous provides the Service of permitting them to browse and order products and services that are made available for purchase by Vendors. These Services are provided at the discretion of farmnivorous and with the precondition that all Users agree to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. farmnivorous requires that all Users be at least 18 years of age, or be supervised by the owner of the farmnivorous account who is at least 18 years of age.

The Relationship between farmnivorous, Vendors, and all Users

All orders placed by Users are contracts between the Vendors and the User. farmnivorous does not validate or guarantee the truthfulness or legality of items listed by Vendors. Disagreements between Vendors and Users should be resolved between the Vendors and Users. Users should notify farmnivorous of any such disagreements so that we may learn, potentially assist with mediation at our discretion, and remove Users from farmnivorous whose actions are in conflict with the spirit and purpose of farmnivorous, including but not limited to the terms and conditions stated here.

Cancellations & Refunds

Please email the Vendors if you need to cancel your order. Vendor contact info is provided on the order confirmation emails. When Users make a purchase, their credit cards are billed by Stripe, Inc. on behalf of the individual Vendors and all sale proceeds are remitted to Vendors’ bank accounts directly by Stripe, Inc. Because farmnivorous does not manage Vendor accounts with Stripe, Inc., farmnivorous cannot process refunds on behalf of Vendors.

Users agree to honor their purchase agreements subject to the following conditions for refunds:

  1. Refunds requested at least 24 hours in advance of the market at which the pick up or delivery is scheduled should be provided.
  2. User credit cards validated at the time the user places the order, but are not charged until the Vendor processes the order. If the order has been processed and the customer’s card charged, the refund will be the purchase amount less the fees charged by Stripe, Inc. to the Vendor for accepting the credit card. Those fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. If the User’s order has not yet been processed, the order should be cancelled without the User’s card having been charged.
  3. For cancellations requested within the 24-hour window preceding the pick up or delivery date, and for Users who do not show up to pick up their orders, refunds are at the discretion of the Vendors and should not be expected. Vendors agree to hold items on behalf of Users who place orders on farmnivorous and, as such, forego the opportunity to sell those products and services to others.

Liability and Legal Responsibility

Users must release farmnivorous from any claims related to items sold by Vendors on farmnivorous as a precondition for using farmnivorous.

Any concerns over inappropriate behavior or product and service listings should be reported to farmnivorous at urgently, please. farmnivorous does not accept any liability or provide any recourse of any sort, but will seek to remove bad actors.

Vendors must accept responsibility for truthfully representing their products and services and for knowing and adhering to the local laws that govern the advertisement and sale of their products and services. Vendors agree to indemnify farmnivorous if farmnivorous is sued or fined due to the Vendor’s actions.

farmnivorous will cooperate and share data with law enforcement to the extent that there are concerns about illicit behavior.

All Users of farmnivorous share a responsibility for safeguarding the trustworthiness of farmnivorous.


Vendors create and are responsible for their own Content. Content in the context of this agreement pertains to all product information and photography. Vendors own their content, but implicitly and explicitly provide farmnivorous with the rights to store, view, and publish that content in perpetuity so long as doing so accurately reflects the relationship between the Vendor and farmnivorous at the time the content was created on farmnivorous.

Photography must be highly representative of the product sold. Stock photography is not permitted. For example, if a Vendor is selling heirloom tomatoes, a generic photograph of tomatoes is not permitted, while a professional photograph of heirloom tomatoes is permitted.

farmnivorous reserves the right to remove content that farmnivorous believes to be in conflict with the spirit and purpose of farmnivorous, including but not limited to the terms and conditions stated here.

Vendors are responsible for the legality of the content that they post on farmnivorous, including ensuring that no laws are broken and that no copyrights have been infringed upon.

Vendors may not list for sale or accept orders for THC-based products, or any substances that are illegal to the United States Government, even if those products are legal in the local municipality of the User.

Vendors may not list any pornographic or explicit material for sale and may not post product images that contain nudity.

Any concerns over inappropriate behavior or product and service listings should be reported to farmnivorous at urgently, please. farmnivorous does not accept any liability or provide any warranty or recourse of any sort, but will seek to remove bad actors and bad content.

Third-party Services

farmnivorous enables Vendors to link to their own websites. Vendors are responsible for ensuring all content at such websites is family-friendly and truthful. Users understand and accept that farmnivorous has no control over the content on third-party websites and agrees to access any such links at their own risk. Those third-parties may require Users to accept their terms of use. farmnivorous is not a party to any such agreements.


Users are responsible for safe-guarding their passwords and access to the email addresses that can be used to change a User’s password. Users are responsible for orders placed using their credentials, subject to the guidelines on order cancellations and refunds.

Regarding payments, credit card information is encrypted and sent to Stripe, Inc. directly such that farmnivorous does not view or store any credit card information.

farmnivorous employs encryption and User access restrictions to protect access to User data. However, farmnivorous cannot guarantee that it will never be the target of illicit hacking or fraud. Users agree to release farmnivorous of any liability associated with the risk of nefarious activities by parties other than farmnivorous.