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The state of preferring to buy fresh, natural foods directly from the local farmers and artisans who make them.


An app that lets people who grow or make things list their products and the places where those products will be available for sale, starting with farmers markets. The rest of us can see what is available and place orders in advance of the market. 

Our Purpose

… is to make it convenient to buy sustainably made food directly from local, artisanal producers.

… is to make it fast, easy, and inexpensive for growers and makers to sell directly to consumers.

The Journey

Our dream is to live in a world where it is as convenient to buy from local, sustainable growers and makers as it is to buy from major online retailers.

We have designed a beautiful and unique marketplace which we are thoughtfully and steadfastly developing. What you find here today is a milestone on what we hope to be a long, exciting, transformational journey. Please be patient and thoughtful in sharing your likes, dislikes, and ideas. Our current priority is making this service available to as many artisans and markets as possible for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have much more in store in terms of user experience, though, and your feedback helps us to prioritize and pivot!

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