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The state of preferring to buy fresh, natural foods directly from the local farmers and artisans who make them.


An experiment to encourage and enable sustainable food culture and promote local shopping. Farmnivorous is an online shopping application that represents local shopping opportunities. Traditional farmers markets, virtual farmers markets (delivery/curbside pick-up only), maker markets, and more can create a dedicated Farmnivorous Marketplace to list the products of their growers, makers, and sellers. Shoppers can easily browse and search by artisan or all at once, then pre-order with a single checkout for pick up at the market. For markets that offer curbside pick-up or delivery options, Farmnivorous facilitates coordinating fulfillment, as well.

Who can join

Anyone can join Farmnivorous to explore and shop and membership is free.

If you grow or make things, or if you manage a market for growers and makers, we can dedicate a Farmnivorous Marketplace to you and list it in the Farmnivorous community. We want to help folks to find you, browse what your creations, and easily shop locally online.

We also want to support small, local businesses and have a vision for online marketplaces for shopping districts like virtual malls. The intention is to create an online representation of local shopping opportunities to bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping with our local communities. We envision folks listing specials, staples, collectibles, and more in such community marketplaces and we'll pair those with neighborhood farmers and maker markets on the Farmnivorous directory.

Our Journey

Our goal is to live in an endless community where it is as convenient to buy food and other creations from local, sustainable growers and makers as it is to buy from major online retailers... wherever we go.

Farmnivorous was founded by Andrea and Sean Arthur. For the past few years, we have been making a concerted effort to buy our food from local producers. Farmnivorous grew out of a desire make local shopping more convenient. At least once a week, we decide which local farmers market we want to go to largely based on the day it is open, what is posted on Farmnivorous, and whether we want to walk the market or prefer a market with a curbside pick-up. We browse for ideas and plan what we want to cook. We place our order and put it on the calendar to pick up. The browsing and ordering usually takes about 15 minutes.

Farmnivorous launched in the spring of 2020 with the Northside Farmers Market in Cincinnati, OH. Northside has over a dozen growers and artisans listing on Farmnivorous for pre-orders. We now have the ability to support countless farmers markets, maker markets, creative kitchens, and neighborhood shopping districts.