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Basic account information

Farmnivorous collects certain personal information as part of the process for creating an account, including your name, email address, and phone number. Your name and email address are shared with vendors when you purchase an item from them in case they need to contact you due to unforeseen circumstances or if you have not arrived for your order. Order data including customer names and email addresses is shared with the managers of the market for which your order was placed. This to facilitate the aggregation of orders to enable customers to pick up their orders curbside or at a single booth for markets that provide such a service, as well as to enable markets to better understand the value that their markets are providing to their communities. Your phone number is shared with vendors or market managers in circumstances where the coordinator of the market or delivery service requires it and in those cases you will see a disclosure in your basket as you check out. Farmnivorous does not and has no intention of selling your personal information to 3rd-party collectors. Farmnivorous may at some point in the future share generic, anonymized sales data with the research community or other entities if doing so may serve the benefit of the community broadly speaking, such as researching the effects of climate change. Although access to data collected by Farmnivorous is protected by reasonable security measures, we cannot assume any liability for personal data obtained by outside parties who may obtain such data without our approval.

Payments and credit cards

Farmnivorous uses Stripe to process credit cards as part of the process for placing an order. More specifically, vendors are required to have a Stripe account which they "connect" to the Farmnivorous platform within Stripe's framework. Stripe is an industry leader for processing credit card transactions online and employs encryption and fraud-prevention protocols that are industry-leading. Farmnivorous does not store your credit card information locally. When you make a purchase, your IP address, zip code, and other basic information about the computer hardware used to make the purchase are available to the Farmnivorous team and the vendor(s) from whom you purchased the item(s) within Stripe's dashboard. This is to facilitate fraud-prevention.

Cookies and other third-party services

Farmnivorous uses cookies to enable it to distinguish between users currently visiting the site, recognize return visitors, and improve your personal experience. Additionally, Farmnivorous uses some 3rd-party services, such as Google Analytics, to provide us with basic information about how visitors are using our site. Google tracks your web activity in general and uses this data to improve its search results.