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For small businesses

From breweries to bakers, consider forging creative relationships with local growers and makers to be a neighborhood pickup host for online orders. For retail businesses, hosting a farm-to-table drop-off option will draw foot traffic if the products are complimentary to your products or service, or if there is a need in your community. farmnivorous gives you tools to make it easy and low risk!

As the host, you decide how many and which vendors are permitted to participate in your pickup listing, but they manage the product details, available inventory, and they receive their sales proceeds direct from the payment gateway. Neither you nor the farmnivorous team have to manage the vendors' cash.

Your role is to keep the orders secure and at proper temperatures. If unable to keep frozen meats frozen, you are likely not the best partner for a producer of meats. But you might still be a great partner for producers of fruits, vegetables, cottage foods, and crafts. Check with your local health department to ensure you know any applicable food safety requirements.

What does it cost

There is no cost for the basic farmnivorous account which gives pickup hosts all of the features above.

Actually, you have the ability to charge a service fee for customers to pick up their order at your location. That might make sense in some situations.

Help us make local easier

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