The farmnivorous project

Our mission is to improve the access to and affordability of locally produced food.

Our strategy is to empower small businesses with ecommerce and collaboration tools and a community directory to help consumers find them.

Here's how it works

Members can be individual producers, farmers markets, or businesses that partner with local producers to offer neighborhood farm-to-table drop-off locations for orders. Membership is free.

Each member has their own farmnivorous shop where their own products can be made available for purchase. Members can also subscribe to other member listings, such as a weekly farmers market, in which case the subscribed member's products are shown on the market's store page, as well. Customers can buy from any number of members with a single checkout, but each member's order is processed with that member's Stripe account.

When you place an order, you are buying directly from the vendors of the products just as if you were buying from a traditional vendor website in that the vendor receives their funds directly from Stripe. Our humble farmnivorous project has successfully processed over $200k in small transactions for over 30 producers since inception.

If you know anyone who makes or grows things who would benefit from a free online store inside of a like-minded community, please spread the word. We can offer this for free, because we don't have a sales team and we develop in our off-work hours. Cheers!

Huge thanks to John and the team at

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