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For farmers, makers, & artisans of all sorts

farmnivorous gives vendors a ready-to-use online store at Create ordering windows for the multiple venues where you sell direct to consumers. Control inventory amounts on a pooled basis where all venues have access to the same inventory, or set inventory individually by venue, or any combination of the two approaches.

Brief video tutorials in the quickstart guide get you up and running quickly.

If you sell at farmers markets with other vendors, farmnivorous gives you the ability to easily list your products together to create a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

For vendors who offer home delivery services in partnership with other vendors, farmnivorous simplifies things by keeping everyone's cash separate while also providing a toolkit to help you keep things straight.

If you don't have a lot of traffic going to your current online store, or you don't have an online store, consider using farmnivorous for your online store. We recommend that everyone have their own website, but you can link directly to your farmnivorous store for online browsing and orders.

What does it cost

As a vendor, you receive your sales proceeds directly from the credit card payment gateway net of their standard processing fees, which are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Eventually if the community grows large enough we'll be able to negotiate bulk pricing to reduce the swipe charges.

The basic farmnivorous member account with the direct-to-consumer store is free forever. We have more features in store, some of which will require membership fees.

Other fun features

You may elect to give customers the option to pay onsite instead of with a credit card. This enables online ordering but payment with SNAP/EBT or CSA prepayment programs.

Set availability of delivery services by zip code and optionally set a delivery or ordering fee.

Optionally quote product prices based on an expected weight, but then charge based on the actual weight, such as with meat sold by the pound.

Access your sales info from your phone with reports like the pick list and order details. Your raw data is easily accessible for download.

We are just getting started in terms of what we're building 😊

How to get started

1. Send us a note with the button below and tell us what you sell and where you sell. Let us know if you have any questions.

2. When you are ready to get started, send us your business name, number, email, logo, and a landscape orientation image for your page banner.

3. We'll create a member account for you and send you instructions for signing in.

4. When you sign in, you will find a quickstart guide with brief videos that explain everything you need to know to manage your account, from adding products to managing orders.

Easy, Low Cost, Strength in Numbers

Send us an email and tell us a little about yourself to learn more and get started.

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