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For Farmers Markets

Having an online store for preorders expands accessibility, reduces physical contact, reduces the competitive early rush, and increases sales. Consumers will buy more from the market if they can plan ahead and browse without the social pressure of awkwardly not buying something or the uncertainty as to what will be left by the time they get there.

farmnivorous gives market managers and their participating vendors simple tools to collaborate for online orders. For example, coordinate order aggregation for curbside and delivery services with an alphabetized bag number approach and packing slips.

Participating vendors manage their own inventory and receive their sale proceeds directly from Stripe. No need to manage anyone's cash.

For most vendors, sitting at the market for several hours is impractical, costly, and limits the number of markets they can participate in. Consider offering vendors the option to be online-only, as the Northside Farmers Market and Madeira Farmers Market have begun doing with farmnivorous. As you know, the more products you offer, the more public interest you receive.

For many families, having the ability to order and plan meals in advance greatly increases the accessibility of the market, especially if you can offer a curbside service for customers with limited mobility, families with small children and a tight schedule, and customers picking up orders on behalf of others such as group homes.

farmnivorous allows you to enable customers to place orders for onsite payment, such as with SNAP/EBT or other creative programs.

For non-profits, accept online donations where appropriate.

What does it cost

There is no cost for the basic farmnivorous account which gives market managers all of the features above.

Let's make local easier

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