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Danyetta Najoli, Author | Coach | Social Innovator

Cincinnati, OH

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This is an Amazon Best Seller collaborative book with author, Pamela Mantay, and several female thought leaders and success strategists throughout the country. This is Danyetta's first editing work and she is currently working on editing and contributing to another book with the author, Book Description: Michelle Obama says, "Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own". Every woman in this book has embraced and owned their story to pen them in this inspirational journal book. They have been empowered to empower others. In pursuit of a life of financial stability and abundance, and growth in faith and freedom to become ourselves, as well as from self-limiting beliefs, each page has been written to reflect these desires to empower other women to thrive. You will be challenged, encouraged, inspired, uplifted, equipped and gently irritated to reach for your dreams and aspirations. Your life will also be enhanced with guaranteed strategies for wealth creation, proven tips for financial freedom and for developing faith. It's time to live a changed, improved, and upgraded life with injected with transformational principles and empowering truths. Join It Takes Money Honey - Freedom, Faith and Finances, a collaboration of enlightened women on a journey to daily transformation and growth.

It Takes Money Honey: Guaranteed Strategies for Wealth Creation, Proven Tips for Financial Freedom, and Developing Faith

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